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Neoprene Collection

We’re still not sure how we feel about the word “athleisure” but, until the next generation comes up with a new portmanteau, we’ll go with it. And honestly, it’s the perfect way to describe how our Neoprene Collection fits into people’s lives. Neoprene and padded Air Mesh materials keep the performance top-notch, while the sleek design proves these products are versatile enough to go from gym to plane to weekend. The soft neoprene exteriors are lined with water-resistant polyester, and the oversized light-weight zippers ensure safe keeping. What’s better is that it’s easy to wash, and fits perfectly into the overhead compartment.

  • XL Hunter Toiletry Bag Storm
  • Large Dakota Heather Grey
  • Medium Landon Carryall Dune
  • Ace Fanny Pack Ash Blue
  • Small Dakota Backpack Moss
  • XL Scout Pouch Onyx