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Baby Collection

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Baby Wade Diaper Bag Baby Joey Changing Kit Baby Indi Diaper Bag

Bags That Get It

All-inclusive. Hyper-functional. Performance-focused. Our Baby Collection was created for parents, but its versatile design will pique everyone’s interest. These gender-neutral bags are our new staff faves — even those of us without little ones.

Wade Diaper Tote in Dark Moss
Wade Diaper Tote in Dark Moss

Wade Diaper Tote

Looks like a normal tote. Acts like a diaper bag. Named after our founder’s niece, the Wade is totes legit. And totes was created for those new parent, I-literally-need-my-life-and-more-in-a-bag feels.

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Indi Diaper Bag
Indi Diaper Backpack

Indi Diaper Backpack

From Dad to Mom. Mom to Mom. Mom to Grandma. Dad to Aunt-who’s-about-to-get-lipstick-all-over-your-child. The Indi Backpack comes in small, medium, and large, and is our stylish solve for the “pass it around” baby bag dilemma. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a baby bag, and everyone looks good with it. Even if you don’t have a baby.

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Joey Changing Kit
Diaper Changing Kit

Joey Changing Kit

With Joey, the world is your changing table. Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t change your baby on the grimy floor of a dive bar BUT you could. Mess proof. Wipeable. Comfortable. Joey was designed to be carried alone but easily clips to a stroller. And it fits inside other bags like the Wade and Indi but is still roomy enough to fit diapers, creams, and wipes. Little bums will thank you.

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Our Materials

Our Materials: Neoprene, Air Mesh, Hardware
Easy to clean. Water-resistant. Insulated.
Air Mesh
Air Mesh
Breathable. Cushioned. Weightless. Hard to tear.
Color-plated super durable zinc-alloy.
Our Materials Background Image
Our Materials Diaper Bag Sketch

Made With Care

This collection’s gestation took two solid years — longer than it takes to create a human baby. Trust us, we know because one of our founders has been pregnant for only ⅓ of the time we’ve been working on it, lol. But the time spent thoughtfully creating these bags was well worth it because we believe it’s the best baby collection eva (like eva). We designed. Tested. Re-designed. Re-tested. Repeated the process until our baby was perfect for yours. Every single feature, material, and fasten has a purpose, right down to even the smallest detail. Crafted with you and the new ones you love most in mind. We hope you love it.

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