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To Our Dagne Family,

Like everyone around the world, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak. Our hearts go out to everyone who has already been so negatively impacted -- whether it be through health, livelihood or otherwise. As a company, the well-being of our team, customers and communities has always been our top focus. While we have been in the fortunate position of being able to work from home, we fully acknowledge that few companies can do this, and are extremely appreciative of the many members of our communities who play critical roles in keeping our society as safe as possible during a time like this. Collectively, we are heavily leaning on healthcare professionals, government workers, food workers, transit workers and delivery workers, just to name a few, in order to meet the basic needs of all. They may not get the big headlines or have fancy titles, but these are the heroes of today, and we want to take a moment to recognize and to lift them up.

We recently launched Infinite Summer, a collection that makes us nostalgic for warmer, carefree days. It seems it will be a while before we’re able to regain that feeling, but those days will come again. New memories will be made and we’ll appreciate things we might have taken for granted in the past. As you can see, our website continues to be up and running, and our dedicated Customer Experience team, who we call the “Bag Pack”, is available. Our distribution center has taken additional cleaning and personnel measures to protect the health and safety of all employees and customers. We are proud of all of the partners that we work with, and how responsibly they’ve taken action during this evolving situation.

As a company of 20 people, we really value our relationships with each other, our customers, and our communities. For those of you who may not know our founding story, we touched over 1,000 people through surveys and focus groups before we produced our first bag in 2013. Dagne was built on community and listening to feedback in order to be better. We plan to continue with our positive content, with a few uplifting surprises to help you stay motivated and strong. So if you’re facing challenges at home, instead of with Dagne riding on your back or on your side, we want you to still feel like You’ve Got This. We would love to hear about what type of content you would like to see as we all do our best to get through this. If you have an idea, please drop us a line. After all, Dagne wouldn’t exist without you.

Continue to make smart decisions, stay safe, and lift each other up.

Jessy, Melissa and Deepa
Dagne Founders