For this month’s Game Changers feature, we chatted with Pepin Gelardi. Pepin met Dagne Dover co-founder Melissa back in 2012 when they worked together at Fahrenheit 212. Now, Pepin is a partner at Tomorrow Lab, a hardware innovation studio for technology products here in New York City. Hanging out at the Tomorrow Lab office, we could sense the creativity sparks.

Tell us more about Tomorrow Lab.
At Tomorrow Lab, we make physical products, we’re inventing things, we’re engineering the bits that make products work, we’re discovering new technologies. Or, we’re employing existing and patented technologies and designing them into products. We’re able to shape technology by design. We’re really keen on being early, so that’s why we sort of define ourselves as inventors rather than developers. We’re changing how people interact with technology in various industries, such as agricultural and entertainment.

We’re also really proud of the design component of our projects. It’s super important to ask yourself who you’re making it for and why you’re making it. Making sure that it’s beautiful. And in the process of making